8 days since i last blogged.

it’s our five months on friday.
famous amos from weilei. ๐Ÿ˜€

this whole week is boring.
there’s nothing to do. >.<
our quantum dots still havent arrive yet.
now i worry about my weekly log.
and of course the final report tooo.
have to get around to do it already.
shall start with the sorting of results.
then let Dr Jason read through and see how.
didn’t even touch lab like the whole week or so.

today schedule:
do up the weekly log for the last and this week.
decide which results to be included in the report
and then pain my fingernails. HAH
of course, that doesn’t means that i have to do them in order.
i just hope that i can complete it
and not be lazy and get distracted to other things.

you know what?
i kinda feel apprehensive about attachment ending.
i like COI. maybe coz Dr Jason is awesome to us.
but back to studying, it’s just so sian with 9 modules.
plus, i think we are so used to slacking after lunch in front of lappy.
sleeping on the comfortable chair. blah blah.
no need to carry bags around and stuffs.
kinda used to working life and what nots already.
i just hope that we are able to tune back to studying then.
and also how Dr Jason worrying about no students next sem.
he’s gonna create magic already. no interns to help him.


Anything to say?

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