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hi there, think i should do up a post since i’m now bored. HAH.
okays, PPTV is irritating and not responding / loading on my lappy.
luckily im using weilei’s laptop to load my show.
Black & White. finally Xiu Jie Kai appeared. ^^

yesterday was water collection day.
collected water with Winnie and Juniors aka Elton, Annabelle and Susan.
the BE’s liquid sampler was such an irritating shit refusing to co-operate with us.
but lucky us we have the PUB’s 2L sampler to use to.
pictures and all with Winnie. the clouds are nice and fluffy.

the juniors said that it was much more interesting than algae extraction.
HAH. sweating like a pig there. *oinkoink*
and oh yeah, we got to sit in Dr Jason’s car. ๐Ÿ˜€
coz there were 5 of us and cant squeeze all of us in a cab.
our chauffeur, LOL LOL !!  (x


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