hi there

think there is a need for me to blog more often since Winnie says that to get more nuffnang ads i should blog more to get more visitors.
but then, who will read my blog? AHH. my tagboard is long long dead. ))):

saw a long legs spider in the lab.
right beside the centrifuge.
think it’s dead though. coz it’s not moving.

yay-ness. <3. coz Jiro’s new variety show will be aired just in two more days.
on the nighteen. but that’s for the taiwan side.
so most prob it will be up in the youtube a few hours later.
then i will be able to watch it on the 20th.
am so excited for it. :DDD
with Tony Sun and Zax Wang some more, i used to like 5566 you know.
i just hope that they will help and lead Jiro.
ah yes, that Jacky too. xian ge FTW.
super big casts variety show that’s line up like a concert every week.
and also Jiro signing his book “Van Gogh and Me” on the 19th and 20th.
then a few weeks later or so i will be able to get the book from the blogshop owner.
WAHAHAHA. Jiro getting busy these few days. poor him. :/

okays, this is a good enough update i hope.
fish and co later at IMM. i think?
coz it’s sakinah’s last second day of attachment.

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