i wanna change to wordpress leh.
but i dun wanna forgo blogger.
then i went on to find out if wordpress can export to blogger.
coz i thought i might regret using wordpress then wanna use back blogger.
then with empty post would look weird den export them from wordpress.
but it seems like it cant be done.
even if both are in .xml format. oh why oh why?

should i even consider changing to wordpress?
plus, my muffnang ads havent completed its first 50 bucks yet.
and as of now i left 2 bucks plus more to cash out.
nooooooo. wordpress is tempting.

coz nowadays feeling emo.
all the post like so emo shits.
… .. … …… …

they are all at the sembcorp ceremony thingy.
im like a one man island.
coz the one island of 4 tables only got me. ):

no i dun wanna start lab so fast either.
there is like no one in lab now also.

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