had professional preparation program in the afternoon.
ended early at 4 plus.
went off at 5 plus to find weilei at jurong point.
go do my replacement POSB bank book.

saw li sheng jie at Jp.
he’s having his autograph session for his new album.

yadayadayada spent almost 50 minutes waiting at the queue.

weilei scold me, weilei say me.
made me almost cry again just now.

he was saying i should share my problems with people more.
like winnie , yana blahblah.
cannot always rely on him, or barney for that matter.
i mean, i know he means well lah.
bu im really not used to trouble people with my problems.
after all for me, i feel that once i emo over it’s okay already.
i dun wanna say anymore, coz i dun wanna be reminded by it anymore.
and it’s rarely that i will wanna talk to people.
i’m ALWAYS more of a listener.
so please, i know this way i wun be able to make friends..
but, haiz. weilei always say i keep complaining no friends but i dun wanna make the effort to tell people my problems ….

like how i was already okay when i calmed myself down.
then i have to explain to him why i was crying.
then ended up i cry again. =_=
yesterday that is.

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