i hate this week.

enough said.

wordpress is just so fuckin tempting.
blogger just wun let me go.
coz i cant bear too awwwwww ..

hate the last week.
make me realise that im not a caring and considerate girlf that kelis used to say i am.
being with weilei makes my flaws seems even more obvious.
stupid sembcorp. it isnt even part of my problem yet i have to be so darn affected by it.
was contemplating who to contact on wednesday.
thinking of wang zhi, kit or jieyong.
come to think of it. WHO can i ever turn to w/o including my clique.
haiz. FML. in the end contacted barney. coz i know he still know me best after all these years.
kit ah, i dun wanna trouble her, since don jus broke up with her nt long using the same method as me.
i badly wanted to comfort her as well, but im in no rights to do so.
i miss them. my secondary school friends. yanling, jingyi, baoting, etcetc  ):
i bet no one believes i didnt meet some of them for 3 years alrdy.
it gets really sad when your boyf is busy and you have no one / nothing to talk to.
sucks shits. and none of them are always online. MSN is just useless.
and the more i think about it, the more i get so pissed and upset. at everything and anything.

come on, im gonna be okay.
stop getting affected at my brainless thoughts.
i wanna read books. i miss ไนๆŠŠๅˆ€ ones.

i should have put more effort into building friendships in secondary school.

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