pool day !

met up with weilei’s secondary school friends again.
after the birthday celebration dinner. ๐Ÿ˜€

Mad Jack cafe at bukit timah branch at 12 plus.
gosh, i was god damn early reaching at 11.15am.
coz they first said meet at 11.30 mah.
then i timed the journey wrongly and arrived too early.
was stoning at the bus stop with my MP3.
then weilei overshoot and walked back. LOL.
slacked a while decided to walked down as Shiva, Pei Fen and MX overshoot at NUS.
then while walking saw Desmond Koh Tze Hock. lol lol lol !!
Jin Yu was already inside the cafe. HAH. but she overshoot to orchard too.
my god they all damn joke one. ALL OVERSHOOT THE STOP. HAH!
free desserts for us, coz we spend more than 60 bucks.
but their cake not that nice though.
saw a campu superstar participant there too.
zheng you lin, the CSS 1 female first, and overall second girl.

then was off to bukit timah plaza for pool   !!!!!  โค
coz i didnt know how to play, Jin Yu taught me. yay-ness !!
but, aiming fail terribly plus cant seems to hit hard.
and was told that my back hand position is wrong. AHHH. ):
but it’s okay, i had so much fun.  :DDD
Jin Yu, Pei Fen and MX so pro one lo.
a match against wei lei too and i was given 3 help lines by them.
HAHA. but i forgot who win though.
stupid MX the useless help line. LOL.
and his cursed purple ball that refused to get it was so funny.
then me, Wei Lei and Desmond went back by 5.

overall it was such a nice day, just that my mother spoils it AGAIN.
but oh well, i like this bunch of friends of weilei’s.
really outgoing and fun loving. ENJOYED myself. ((:
you guys are making me addicted to pool. ~~

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