time for another weekly update.
oh my god awesome. yeah right.
shall try my very best to update more often.
dun like seeing the first post on my blog always being the same.

anyway, so what happen the whole week in between?
report and report and report. what else?
submitted to Dr Jason already and now awaiting for his correction?
yay-ness S.O isn’t it?
but whoa, looks like we will have alot of grammar errors. :/

yesterday went to botanic garden with clique and finally including huihui.
celebrate both HUI2 and SUSU birthday!
met bothe willy and yana at bukit panjang plaza first.
LOL. both late! though i late by 7 minutes or so too.
chocolate cake for the chocolate lovers. :DD
okay-ish picnic i guess? since this is my first.
love yana’s heart shape balloons. !!
then, played twister. well, them. HAH !!
so funny seeing them tangled and all woo.
it was around 7 plus 8 when we all went off.
they went clubbing at st james power house.
while willy send me home and val went home too.

speaking about this i was actually quite upset.
you all discussing about going clubbing didnt even bother telling me.
then still say we didnt even bother including you in the first place.
yes i know my mum wun let, but that kinda makes me feel left out.
asking my mum about going PH, even though i know i wun succeed.
nevertheless, i seriously was damn upset lor.
haiz whatever fuck it. freedom where are you?
but luckily torty didnt went, if not .. i might be more upset. :/

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