14 min (15%) remaining

today is tuesday, day 92.

Dr Jason is hilarious today.
well, not quite. but his son is.

Me (sees his desktop wallpaper of his two kids): got red eyes le, never photoshop?
Him: no lah, is brown eyes.

blahblahblahblah …

Him: one of my kids very hyper the another one very emo. guess who emo
Winn & Me: the guy?
Him: yah. HAHA.
Me: like wei lei like that lo.
Winn: like wei lei no good. LOL.
Him: blahblahbla, coz there’s this tradition. i ask my son to hug my wife but he dun want. then when she’s washing the dishes my son came up and stand in front of me wants me to hug him. but coz of the height, coz he’s very short. i hug my wife first. then he “hmph” and ran and cry at some corner.
Winn: HAHA so cute.
Him: like this where got man. young cute lah grow up liao not cute liao.
Me: HAHA. still got time to train de.


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