work has been tiring these few days.
got my fingers full of blisters when we went to take reservoir water sample.
BOOHOOOOO. it was really really painful at first.
esp when i applied the qing chao you ;the medicated oil.
was literally jumping up and down. LOL.
wonder if my downstairs neighbour feel anything. HAH.

today actually wanted to do the ocnjugation one.
but it was a really complicated process.
thus Dr Jason decided to do it himself and have us watching it.
that’s for tomorrow. LOL.

today was just filtering the water sample from monday.
4 full litres of them. MY GOD.
starting 2 litres was of damn slow.
after that the speed went back to normal yey!
but whole day keep doing this, back pain sio.

thursday having dinner out.
since it’s lyndia, yilan, ziying last day at COI.
awwww, gonna miss them around.
im so pretty sure that yilan gonna miss her korkor and jiejie.
HAH, she went to call Jocelyn jiejie lo !!
and as for who is the korkor, for you to find out. ๐Ÿ˜€

friday, their interview is the whole day lah.
dunno how to go out le.
wanna go bugis to get my bag leh  …

saturday, idk how is it going with the ex 4B gathering.
oh well, that all my plan. LOL.

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