fa hua chi !!!

yesterday was funny, coz 3 of them are crazy over a certain felle. LOL.
have to admit he’s good looking too.
even Willy say that oh. HAH.
and now we know where he stays, coz of Joc. !!

that asides,
nowadays keep filtering the reservoir water.
monday most prob going down to take the water samples.
2 jelly cans full. and that is 50 litres. LOL.
koping Rong Sheng along with the 3 of us to do.
Dr Jason not going though. LOL.

stupid cells and machine and microscope keep cheating us.
always kena cheated. HAH.
coz we thought we found them mah.
in the end, it’s the freaking micro algae. MY GOD.

and TGIF? but i dun feel so.
good luck to Su, Winn, WIlly, Yana, Val, Wei Zhi and Daxino for their interview later.

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