shall see when we will start of dreaming of crpyto. LOL

attachment is just as per normal.
lab work and lab work.
cryptosporidium and salmonella. LOL.

Random: Paul was saying that he dreamt that people were using the gram stain reagents till left only a bit for us. plus is only 1 use le. then he say he was damn angry. LOL.

Joke of the day: Paul was asking me to do up the stock solution of PBS + Tween 20 + EDTA. then coz my calculations and whatnots is really damn lousy mah. the whole scene was like super LOL. i cant even change 33.xx ml to micro liters. HAH. coz we originally work with damn small amount of liquids. den want me to change it from ml, i ji tao blur lo. :/ he was also saying to us that Dr Jason shld give us a lesson on preparing solutions. like all these calculations and all. MY GOD. faint.

oh and yes, coz i was having floorball training mah.
at night can see stars from the field mah.
they all say stars, in the end i think of crypto. LOL.
coz we all describe seeing them as stars mah.
imagine small red dots among the dark background on the computer screen.
and plus i was singing “yi shan yi shan liang jin jin”

okays, this is rather random i think?
time to go submit the weekly e-log le.

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