alright, let’s blog about today.
today is not a bad day of work.
after all, there’s laughters. ๐Ÿ˜€

morning was going with Paul to block 56 pond to collect water sample.
our first time using then liquid sampler.
and we dun even know BE has it before this. LOL.
quite funny lah, think we look dumb using the stick to shut the opening.
hot and sunny 10am. :/
but then, we, or rather Paul discovered that by shacking it can allow the opening to be automatically close.
so that saves us the trouble of using the stick trying to aim and poke to close it.
and the journey back was totally LOL.
funny man, dropped the container 2 times.
coz we didn’t tied too tightly to secure it. HAHAHA.
by the time we filter and centrifuge it.
the time is alrdy 12 plus. lunch at canteen 3. ๐Ÿ™‚

afternoon was the site visit to siemens R&D lab.
yey, goodie bag for us. a cap, t-shirt, lanyard, pen.
that poor willy have to go to ulu pandan WRP to take sewage next time.
sad, who ask him to be the only guy for MBR. LOL. :X

then, slacked, do e log, and home sweet home.

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