sorry for the lack of updates

COI have been the same, so nothing much to update on also.

Saturday 13 March 2010.
went to NTU open house with Willy and his CSS friends.
walked around. LOL. and took some brochures.
10 percentile is GPA 3.22, 90 percentile is 3.77. i think.
for environmental engineering.
so for me and most of us is in the average.
should be able to make it, i guess?
shall talk with the professor next time we go again.
saw wai yeen, he asked why i didnt go over and say hi to him.
HAHA, coz he walked past me mah.

next was the JJ concert thingy.
totally stand the whole journey from Jurong West to Expo.
LOL. 52 minutes, super large crowd of people.
concert was okay i guess?
after all we left when JJ left too. HAH.
musical at the beginning was alright.
LOL at the slow version of nobody.
but Max Pavilion was really freaking cold.
think their aircon free one, was shivering lor.
ate at the expo’s food court after that.
then went home. was 11pm by then.

Sunday 14 March 2010.
went to IT fair to get my mouse !!
yey, got a orange colour one, im using it now.
my bro got a 640gb seagate hard disk. LOL.
he wanted a 1TB one at first. idk wad he wanna put inside.
super huge crowd, was squeezing to get my way around.

 ^ powerlogic 2GO zero flex mouse.

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