day 29 happy first month anniversary ;2nd day of COI

a jar from torty to keep all the hearts that he have been / will be folding. :DD
29 hearts as of now. many more to go !!

20 hearts, as 9 of them are in the letter.
9 straw stars.
9 roses stands for i love you.
but he replaced it with straws.
anyway it’s still the same. โค

COI have been the same. boring. LOL.
while others at least have things to do.
sakinah is probably researching. :O
while i have been rotting for the last 4 hours of work.
think i’ll have trouble with the e log to submit to mel. RAWR.
think i’ll be complaing of boredom everyday of this week.
since Dr Jason said that we only start lab work next week?

when will i be having fun in COI ? :/

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