so what’s the day before attachment?

volunteering for OCBC cycling 2010!

yes it was tiring though we didnt do that much work as compared to the standard chartered one.
but we were at the site from 1.30am to 1.30 pm.
exactly 12 hours. HAH. though our reporting time was 3am. LOL.
work start from around 5am.
since the first 40km race started on like 6am.
20km was at 7am i think. LOL.
starting was really fucking noisy like mad lah.
super irritated. the whole bunch of cheerleaders and the white shirt people.
but oh well, it’s what they do anyway.
if they weren’t loud, then they are useless.
Michelle, Willy and my job were to keep people away from the technical machines.
but there were really too much people shouting around.
i thought i might be deaf lo.
was complaining why didn’t they provide ear plugs / ear muff.
the noise was like around that of the NPMC noise pratical lah.
OMGWTFBBQ. seriously lah, no volunteer’s welfare. tsktsk.

then after then walked over to the floating platform.
for the 50km super challenge. some YOG thingy.
Michelle, Boss, Su, Yana, Lihui and me were doing to sign in booth.
weather was superb hot like mad, think was 35 degrees lo.
from 9 plus to 10.30 when the race started.
then Willy came and helped out a bit.
booth closed 5 minutes when the race started, – 10.35am
went over to the tentage while the rest doing the spotting.
me and Willy were dozing off. Michelle were just watching.
and some insider LOL moment, bib number 216 was like first throughout!
then some accident happen. 2 bikes collided? not sure though.

after race end, walked back to F1 pit for lunch.
slacked and went off. yey!
then went home, bath, and sleep.

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