Day 28 ;first day of attachment

was late in meeting the rest of them in the morning.
reached at like 8.30 sharp. LOL.
thanks to bus 75 which missed out on the 7.45 timing.
damn, made me wait like damn long at the bus stop.

slacked a while, settled down.
rot and rot and rot and rot and rot (x10000)
went and find Dr Jason for things to do.
wonder if we didnt find him would we really have nothing to do?
LOL. read reports and proposal.
gonna continue reading them tomorrow too.

think i kinda like MBR their project.
total new projects from start. solo.
it’s like making a baby of theirs. ^^
not like us just continuing the project.
Winn was saying how our report might be lesser.
theirs would sure to have alot to report. :O
and Willy seems quite interested in his algae thingy.
have to determine everything on their own.
tiring is sure de lah, but confirm is much more satisfying lo.
maybe this time, he will put in more effort. LOL.

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