with double H!

Fun day with clique today.
a pity that Winnie wasn’t with us.
there’s always a next time. [:

Seoul Garden first.
Boss, Yana, Willy and my soup base was the BEST!
it was Chinese Herbs, with random taste of corn, veg, tomatoes, eggs.
darn nice alright! even Su and Huihui said so. yey!
Boss is like a freaking big eater.
we all like eat until =_= liao.
she still say not full, tgt with yana. LOL.
fish was nice too, though we saw that a little too late.
there’s this chicken that’s freaking nice too!
shaver machine was darn awesome with a random stranger. LOL.
ate a lala first time in my life. i think.
pasta was not bad too. we fry it okays!
ice cream choices was kinda disappointing.
where’s my chocolate man. ]: toppings only have like 2 variety.
ice cream float of root bear and cookies and cream i/c was o.O
oh yes funny thing, coz we dun have the soup base anymore.
then boss was like looking for ice coz she cant find water.
HAH. in the end we found water. su was like LOL-ing when she hear that.

next up was arcade, coz plaza sing cinema seat slots were disappointing.
HAH. end up we managed to catch a big and small plushie.
heard that yana one was like the freaking lucky bouce and drop kind.
ours was the wah super pek chek why you dun wanna fall out left a bit kind.

walked over to The Cathy and yey got tickets for Alice in Wonderland in 3D.
first time watching a 3D movie. :DDD
quite a nice experience though the specs is a little too big.
HAH. interesting to see the pop out effects.
wonder how it could have been if i had watch Cloudy with a chance of meatballs in 3D too.
show timing from 4.30 to 6.20 at The Cathy.
spent quite long finding a cinema without only the first 3 rows available. LOL.

so yeah, nice day. tomorrow’s learning trail training session. ๐Ÿ™‚

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