for the past few days,

or rather the last week, it was all about exams.

now, today is the last paper.
YEY everyone shout YEAH!
6 months of no exams and tests
say yey to attachment at COI. !
but hmmmm, weekly report to MEL,
interm report and final report.
WOOOO. feel the stress a little already. :/
using what idk what shit APA format. LOL.
but, good training for uni. LOL.
since they say most uni like NUS, NTU will be using it.
and see the seniors’ ones, WOW darn thick sio!

slacked at GV room, awwww the last for boss and su for 6 months.
talked, gossiped, crapped, took random photos !!!
then went for the briefing, which we were told many things.
the reports lah, the assessment thingys, dress codes. LOL.

well, am hoping that the stint at COI will be a fun one.
i have Winnie with me as well.!
and yey Dr Jason Tang and Mr Alfred Tan as SO and LO.

YEY. one week of break. HMS here i come!
wanna do many many many things.
come on Su, when are you bringing me to orchard? ^^

P/S well you hate me? then fuck you, coz most likely i’ll hate you too. ๐Ÿ˜€

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