Chinese New Year visiting is done. YEY.

first day was at my dad’s mum place.
kinda boring. nothing to do.
all the adults like crapping.
my cousin playing computer. LOL
then had steamboat for dinner at their place.

second day was at my dad’s cousin place.
only for at night though, after dinner.
starting was bored, watching tv, coz im not familiar with the people there.
then the aunty was like asking me want join the kids to play gambling.
then i just go watch and learn. LOL.
they were playing in between. such a fun and dangerous game. HAH.
after that was just helping to deal cards.
but good enough liao, so dangerous i dun wanna play. ๐Ÿ˜›
hey clique, next time we play. i think Su sure scream de. LOL.
but if that game dun play money, think no thrill le.

then today met willy. :DD
ate pepper lunch at JP.
before that went to tour around JP.
coz he say i noob dunno where’s where.
RAWRRRR. but yah la, i dun go jurong de wad.
then he call back home and GL his mother.
then went his house. HAH. to watch cruel temptation.
woooo, watch till like 90 plus liao. LOL.
i got ultimate spoilers but who cares.
shall continue to watch on TV also. HAH.
then hang round and rot till 5 plus 6 then went home. ]:
so my last ang pow is from willy’s mum. LALALA.

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