last day of sem 4 yeah!

space modelling final project is finally done.
NPMC practical is done as well.
am so (x1000000) glad that today’s the last day of school.
and i spend the last day with my clique together !
but awwwwwwww, no cake. ]:

went to school at around 9 plus and we started chiong SPM till like 2 plus.
we’re all hungry lah ! all for the sake of SPM we had a duper late lunch.
slacked ;mousehunt-ed, tumblr-ed, be a testing object for Khairul and his FYP mates, crap-ed.

saw LLJ while going back too.
she’s wearing red and black!
all ready for chinese new year yea?

saw our SPM teacher too. MTK. ๐Ÿ™‚
then random told him that our discs are in his pigeon holes already.
and craped that we had a late lunch coz of it HAH.

after which we all went back.
Winn have to go to the opposite alone aww.
met my family at Yishan, ate at the Japanese food court there.
while still full from the late lunch. HAH.

and yey i โค my torty for being so sweet.
dun mind that 1 smudged heart luh. [:
give you free 6 days before folding the hearts again. HAH.
LOL. and i LOVE my clique tooooo. :3

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