busy busy

a drink endorsement. FRH & SHE. :)))

time to blog again i guess, almost a week of no updates.

SHWM test 2 down down down
and in fact, gotten back results today.
fast action eh satha? HAH!
quick mark our project report lah.
i dun like my results. 66% nia.
but oh well, what’s done is done.
case close. no more SHWM.

NPMC test 2 down down down too.
i guess it was okays.
or rather i feel that it’s okay.
hopefully i wun be disappointed when the result slip arrives.
in the mail box or up on the net that is.

WMP next, on wednesday.
gonna study tomorrow. of course lah. LOL.
hopefuly it will be alright as well. GAHHH.

after which, time for all the deadlines.
WSH1 past year paper to be done on thurs.
SPM project due on 12 noon friday.
NPMC pratical on friday as well.

cant wait for this tiring semester to be over.
wanna go have lots of fun for the 1 week hols.
and do my bit of sight seeing in orchard. LOL.
since Su say i no life didnt go before ION, 313, and the orchard central.
feels like going swimming also. time for exercise? HAHAHA !!

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