updates. :DD

4 days didnt update my blog. HAH.
and i was still saying why no one update blog deeeee.

finally Desmond[sakae supervisor] is on facebook.
and surprisingly, he was my senior.
coz he’s formally from Queenstown Technical which changes to QTSS later on.
HAHA. maybe that’s why we hit on so okays eh?
wonder what job is he doing now.

anyways, tomorrow is SHWM test.
OMGOSH. must study and study and study like real mad tonight.
just gonna on laptop for mousehunt.
shoo shoo shoo away the temptations yo!
nevermind it’s okay, asked many questions just now to satha already.
doubts clear, can study already. skip landfill. LOL.
expecting calls tonight. ๐Ÿ˜€
teaching people is the highest level of understanding.

then, yesterday was UR last lesson.
this is straight from my tumblr post yesterday:

UR last lesson was ultra fun as well.
there were many many LOL sessions.
and it was the best presentations EVER.
uber relax, uber loads of Q&As with help from other grp de ppl aka zuo jia (HAH!)

Suki: help me bring back the coke
Chia How: i dun drink coke (with coke in his cup beside him)
Me, Su, Willy, Suki (& most prob the rest of the class): LOL LOL LOL !! HAHAHAHAHAHA !!
Suki: (points at Chia How) i will never forget you! (cont LOL-ing)

and many more. OMGOSH.
that was the super classic EPIC one.
even thinking of it now makes me LOL. HAH.

Suki: awwwwww im gonna miss you class (for idk how many times) :]

OH OH OH &&&& i remember another one.

Suki: (takes a half empty green tea bottle to Su) help me throw away later can?
Su: (i forgot what she say. or was it us who say it anyway. not impt also)
Willy: i rather you ask me to bring back the green tea lor instead of the H2O
Me: then you bring back lor!
Suki: good idea! (and plonks the green tea bottle on his table) Constance i like you sio. [HAHA!]
Willy: Oh what the fuck. (gives the idk wad look) [HAH.]

im so so so gonna miss UR lessons.
yey for class outing to look forward to.

alright. gonna facebook a while first.
then study from like after dinner onwards. :]

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