when im nice dun take me for granted alright?
i really feels like heck caring everyone sio.
im so not going to help anyone do things anymore.
of course that does not include my clique.
the floor plan will the the last thing i suppose.
weijin, you better dun anyhow give people to photocopy that floor plan
it’s my hardwork and if anyone wants it.
i want them to ask me. ASK ME. ASK ME.
and if i figured that you want it & you are involved in it.
you are so gonna get fucked by willy if it worsen
coz i reckon i wun do anything extreme. but he will.
GAHHHH , but like what LLJ says
things that she writes on the board are for those who attends the lesson.
why the hell am i so kind to let others copy it.
i see people and things in a different light already
shit things happen, i will brave through.
fuck it, im sorry for the black face almost the whole day willy.
i say not really, but i guess i do mind it. :/
UGH i hate this semester. it’s full of shit.
cant wait for 8th march to arrive.
then i can start my attachment at COI
and have funny people like Winn and Dr Jason Tang around.
&& of course, Val, Yana, Willy, Weijin …
but we’ll miss Su and Boss !!!! โค
PS: im not talking about anyone in particular. coz i totally have no idea who’s the one im suppose to talk about anyway. just ranting why am i so freaking kind and useless.  FINE. i think it confusing like how willy’s post are always the same too. fuck, im pissed. AGAIN.
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