went to cut my hair early this morning.
chop off 2 inches. SAD. ]:
coz my hair like super long didnt go trim already.
plus it’s like think and have many many split ends.
&& i love my ultra straight hair after i cut my hair. HAH.

then my dad drove me to school to meet willy.
then take bus to bukit panjang interchange to meet boss.
me and my dad got lost in clementi. LOL.
coz im not familiar there. HAH. ><
but now i know. go straight up after coming out from AYE.
ask him go from Mac Ritchie he dun want.
i only know how to go school by car from there. hahahas.
in the end i have to go clementi MRT take bus to school.
yup, then took 75 to BPP.
willy then went to his friend house. LOL.

went to station ourself at the railway track by ten mile junction.
LOL. boss and me is the earliest. YEY.
under the hot sun. BLAH. take only such a short reading.
ming heng and wei xiong was like ultra heng.
the minute they come, the train come already.
SUPER ULTRA heng can, MH even got stuck in the train?
HAH. & heng coz the noise meter is actually with him. LOL.
after that val came. late a lil to see the noisy train. 90 plus dBA luh !
then ash even slowest. LOL. take group picture and we are off.

went walk walk with willy at bukit panjang plaza.
since i sua gu didnt go there before. LOL.
then go back and took 75 back to TBP.
think really 50 minutes of bus ride. OMG lah.

LALALA. think that’s about it.
tomorrow NPMC lecture on noise control.
gonna go print PPT notes later.
then afternoon is site visit to IDK which company for WMP
external lecture on marine oil pollution.
bringing a book to write notes instead of the student handbook. ๐Ÿ™‚

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