Understanding Realtionship lesson 3

at first we were shown this website: Understanding the Five Stages of Dating
Stage 1: Attraction ; Stage 2: Uncertainty ; Stage 3: Exclusivity ; Stage 4: Intimacy ;Stage 5: Engagement
i remember teacher say first stage is normally last 2 – 3 months.
stages one and two are before both parties is in a relationship.
and that many relationship fails at stage 2 and 4.
coz at stage 2 the guy will withdraw a little
then the girl will be too agitated keep bombing the guy with smses or whatnots.
then the guy might get scared away. LOL. so FAIL.
then for stage 4 is coz intimacy then the girl will keep wanting to spend time with the guy.
and guys, as you know need their bro and work and their space.
so, get scared / irritated off.
so FAIL as well. need to communicate properly in that stage as well.
coz guys and girls reacts differently to intimacy. yeah.
stage 3 is like stable relationship liao.
for those that are in a r/s, which stages are you at now? 

after that we brainstormed on what is infatuation and love.
some give guai lan answers. LOL.
but oh well, some makes good sense as well.
like how infatuation is temporary, liking each other, and some other things which i forgot.
and that love is commitment, sacrifice, long term and blahblahblah.

and we were also taught on the triangle theory of love
whose sides are intimacy, passion and commitment

Intimacy – feelings of warmth, trust, understanding, communication, support & sharing
Passion – physical arousal& desire, sexual longing & any strong emotional needs.
Commitment – decisions to devote oneself to a r/s & to work to maintain it.
so which part of the triangle do you all falls into?

and we watch a movie “love story”.
have an assignment based on it. LOL.
not a bad movie, teacher says its classic.
go online search and watch it bah, people?
just go watch, it’s good. [:

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