6 days since i have updated. HAHA!
thankfully my network here recover.
or rather, it’s wierd.
past few weeks no network.
but once i bring my laptop back, there is network.
LOL. but my laptop just cant use it.
as in it is connected but i cant get online nor on MSN.

IDK what problem it has.
so, LALA. shall enjoy the limited network i have.
maybe next week dun have already.

shall go redo my template again.
and delete the ‘read more’ thingy.
i dun like it already. HAHA!

anyway i say i want to update about the 3rd UR lesson one.
but. since its mostly on emotions.
then forget it lo. not that important also i guess?
then watch some parts on “he’s just not that into you” the movie.
nothing really huge to share also. ๐Ÿ˜€

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