technofair 2010

our small lil booth for the Quantum Dots project.

whoa life’s tough.

open house was pretty boring but tiring.
standing there for like long hours. full shift alright!
luckily Dr Jason Tang let me and winn play at LSCT open house thingy.
HAHA. so much more fun then our SOE ones.
went see arnd, touch the pets at the vet course de booth.
and the mini touch pool like in UWS ones.
saw Jannah, Fatin, Hui Yu and Steffi around.
HAH. didnt know they will be there to help out too.
took something like a health check up.
and OUCH at the prick for blood group.
now i know im a O positive. [:
and that im pretty short at 153cm. ]:
and i got more body water then Willy. LOL.
and i have the same body fats as Geena.
overall it was pretty fun.
but AHHHHH my knee … pain. LOL im old already.

hmmmmmmmm  …
shld i go for the floorball match tomorrow.
so long since i last go for training.
would be darn weird if i go.
but it’s weird too if i didn’t go.
UGH. why tell me it’s my choice?
just give me a straight answer yes / no.
oh quick, steffi reply my SMS.  >.<

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