[a picture of jiro with his favorite stitch. ]

today is WTF man.

first NPMC results is so fucking what you call it. disappointing?
54%. KNNBCCB. fine la, calculations. zZz !!!
think i’m giving up on this semester’s GPA already.
let it freaking drop la! UGH. AHHHHHHH .
i dun think i can even maintain my accumulative 3.4 already.
2 50 something for core modules.
what the freaking hell i can expect out of my GPA sio.

then. SPM was alright i guess.
73%. must be due to the roof and the slab.
and some freaking dimensions here and there.

and then. kelis appear at the staircase below my house.
gave me a letter. say want me to read and then want me to keep it also.
i only know that it’s a freaking long letter but i haven’t read it yet.
will read it tomorrow after the open house.
since it’s not with me anyway. LALALA.

tomorrow helping out at open house too.
juniors or anyone. come find me bah.
will be at my quantum dots project with Winnie.
together with Dr. Jason Tang. LOL.

oh what a day today.
doing project now anyway.

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