01 JANUARY 2010
9:25 PM

Dearest PH,

Just wanted to let you know I cried for the both of you when I read your blog post.

Your relationship was one that was very special to me because I watched it started (and I was only 16 back then and I still remember how I saw the both of you at the bus stop!) and I watched it blossomed, and I watched it grow from afar with your blog posts and your Facebook pictures.

It breaks my heart to see that I have to hear of it go as well, I had truly believed that it was your fairytale and it made me believe in my own fairytales.

Glad to know that the both of you have parted on a good note though, and I wish you peace, joy and love in the new year. โค


i was really really surprise to see you wrote this Jolin.
i was only 16 too. when it all started.
and yes, you watched it start, not only you eh.
the people in TBP and BJ. ๐Ÿ˜€

but i didnt know know you look upon it as a fairytale.
HAHAs. but im glad it helps you to believe in yours.
last long with your YJ (right initials?) eh?

to tell you the truth, i’ll always hang around sakae when im in TBP.
i HATE the new store. i cant really see who’s on the floor.

and where’s Mark at now?
i passed by Marina Square on xmas eve and i didnt see him around.
hmmm yah. thanks for the post. [:

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  1. Our love blossomed and it is true. All this while. Please believe in our fairytale.I still love you very much.& thanks Jolin, for looking up so much to our r/s, it means a lot to me ๐Ÿ™‚

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