new year resolutions eh?
im not sure if i did follow the ones i made last year.
but what the heck.
just made a new one and hopefully i’ll follow through it.

let’s see ย …

i hope i wun take anyone or anything for granted anymore.
i’ll treasure everything.
i really really treasures everyone. maybe i just didn’t show it out. but i really need to learn not to take anyone for granted. 

i want to be in a good relationship with everyone.
yes, i really want to. it’s tough, we all know. but i will really try my best. time and effort will have to be put in. guys, do let me know if i did anything to upset you all. just know that i dun mean it. i think i need to put my trust in the right people. and not too much trust in every.

i’ll not think too much anymore and not make myself emo.
i may seems to be happy go lucky. but i think i think too much at time. especially when im alone at night. time to kick that bad habit. thinking things through is good, but thinking about things that cant be changed is bad. might as well spent the time to reflect or something. LOLs.

i’ll try my very best to follow the 7 habits of highly effective people [though i only read halfway only.]
HAHAs! i like the book. but it’s really chim. kinda like 2/3 through already. hope that i’ll do things more effectively this year.

NOT to drink alcohol again. stupid rashes.
as simple as it it. please stop me when i keep saying i want to drink. and prevent me from doing so. rashes are OMG-ly alot and itchy !!! zzz! i thought i drank before but didnt develop rashes. some one help to find a remedy for it. !!

think that’s about it. [:
*another scheduled post.



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