BEGV eco camp 2009

alright. time to update, it have been 5 days or so isn’t it?

in the mean time,
i have change my blogskin which you all can see.
took a super long time for this.
because the codes for the links have to be readjusted a little.
then, i wasn’t really used to a clickable skin.
need some time to adapt and understand the codes. LOL.

BEGV eco camp was over as well.
and of course, it’s fun.
made many new friends as well, the juniors.
this year was more loud and noisier then the last.
games were okay, amazing race was cool.
because my group 5 won. with B&J vouchers.
thanks ALL. ๐Ÿ˜€
&& i love Pingu the mascot we made using newspaper and masking tape.
im sure that’s the cutest among all.

and pictures are with lihui and winnie camera.
shall wait for photos!
oh! and my group took many photos too.
with Arrif’s camera. ๐Ÿ˜›
he’s our junior. a hyper active one. the ultra HIGH one.

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