just watched it. with my family. 2012.


it’s a … i dunno what to say kind of movie.
i’ll rate it 5 stars. SERIOUS. and it’s kinda scary too. REALLY.
not the horror movie kind of scary.
but it’s the kind of oh-my-gosh-is-these-kind-of-things-really-gonna-happen kind.

VERY SCARY. me pa pa. ]:
i dun wish for whatever that is in the movie to happen to humanity.
i dun wanna give spoilers but i dun care. HAHAs!
anyways, it involves MASSIVE quakes, tsunamis, fault lines, volcanoes erupting, and earth crusts displacement.
if you understand then good. if not, then too bad.
it’s geography terms i think. thank god for my geo lessons.
and there was one part they were saying the quakes caused were NOT caused by seismic waves.
i was like. o.O seismic waves. OMG geography. okays out of point i know. HAHAs!
and it sucks to know what people will do just to survive and get out of this trouble.
the governments were like building BIG ships to escape.
and poor civilians know nothing about it.
argh what the heck. this movie is depressing. … zZz !!!

anyway, who knows what the producers and all wants to say with this movie.
BUT, onegai, i DO NOT want it to happen.

save gaia? do every bit to save it. ahhhhhhh~
this is no joke can. willy say i so violent why scared of this.
WTH luh. i dun wanna get crushed by earth’s crust/hit by volcanoes/drown by tsunami/whatever shit.
i believed so many people watched it already, i hope all will do something. ๐Ÿ˜€


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