great times ahead!

pretty right? i LOVE this.
one for me, one for Kelis. ๐Ÿ˜€


yesterday was Jap e-learing.
have to do 2 listening quiz.

then after which me an kelis went to marina square!
wanted to eat the sakae thr but wasnt open yet.
LOLs. it was 11am. the timing which tiong and bugis open.

so we went over to suntec.
coz kelis fren – Ben said got a shop sell many gundam models.
hobby point, the shop name.
but what the hell, the have chaos, abyess, but no gaia!
oh my gaia. think coz too good so all bought already.
HEH! shall for for them to restock then.
hopefully is no need to paint myself de.
if not im gonna ask Ben to paint it. ๐Ÿ˜›
it was really an eye opener.
didnt see so many gundam models before. excited!
now i want gaia, virtue and/or nadleeh. ๐Ÿ˜€
yes i know they are not the main Mobile Suit,
but i like just who they are. [:

and after eating lunch buffet for one hour at suntec sakae,
without seeing chris the delivery man who told me he was transferred thr IDK how many months back,
we went back to marina square.
having to walk round about coz of APEC.
walk past sakae again and saw Mark !!!
talked to him for about 15 mins or so bah?
yup, coz they free then. not alot of customers.
talk about Desmond, i miss him.
Mark says that after he resigns he still cant find a job.
still recovering from his break up. ]:
looks likes thr is no one for me to locate him.
except online though. awwwwww ..
the best memory that i have btw us?
that was once i was behind him going to kitchen taking chawamushi.
saw the paper on his tray stating that he needs 2 of that.
went to take the chawamushi from the steamer(?),
i opened the steamer and he asked me to help him take as well.
then i told him, i know, i saw you paper. HEH.
and he blew me a flying kiss whoa! :X
lalalahhs. makes me feel appreciated you know. ๐Ÿ˜€

yah, then kelis was saying something about me going bak work.
then Mark says go bugis lo.
they god darn short of people.
every weekday like only 5 service crew on duty.
2 already on runner, one cashier. so OMG.
you can do your maths to know how many will be on floor.
and in case you all didnt know,
bugis sakae outlet is HUGE !
so yea. then i told Mark. i scared of doing runner.
LOLs! serious! they shld know how much i jam up the kitchen.
and my reaction upon knowing i have to do runner.

anyway, okays. long story on sakae.
great times yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜€
oh and we went bowling too.
darn, just when i was getting used to it.
we had to go as i have to rush back school for training.
i hope i wun forget how i bowled then. [:

back to CWT tutorial now.
ciaos !!

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