hello all. yesterday match against SP was awesome.
coach said it was a good game.
coz everyone played hard! good game all!

best things was that we all get to play.
i played for one minute though.
kelis say i ran like hopping. HAHAs!
but i sad, why the referee beep me?
did i push the girl too hard? LOLs!
and WTH. they scored you know.
 ……     ]:

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today 2 hours break we went to KAP mac.
whole class was there.
uber cool!
had many of the monopoly pieces.
but we all decided that they were all part of the sales gimmicks.
coz they put 1 x 50,000 cash for the sentosa cove and what shit one.
which obviously means only ONE person can get the prize.
which also means that there might be a chance that there can only be one lucky person who can get the full set.
and this includes for the rest of the colours and properties set. [:
aren’t we all so smart? ๐Ÿ˜€

and IDK why i was so pissed off during WSH lesson.
coz freaking lots of people block me.
WTH, cant see the screen half the time.
esp when we were watching videos.
all the subtitles and all. i kena block sio!!
and they are so freaking noisy.
best is got project based on that video. T.T

many work undone.
many thing not printed.
whoa, happy new year to me.
right, shit. or rather. shimata~~

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