tao hua xiao mei

yeah! i have like successfully get Kelis to get addicted to momo love!

like what Jiro himself said. in YLBFB…
he finally gotten a role with lesser words and a more quiet character.
still not really used to it though.
Shi Lang is really quiet, a gentleman, caring guy.
while Mars from TGH is beaming with over confidence.
&& Gui Long is loud.
&& Da Dong is narcissist.
&& Xia Tian though is something like a geek, but he adores rock music.
and yadayada. you get my meaning?

and luckily, the director is the one who taught him acting.
the one who direct ISWAK [it started with a kiss] & TKA [they kiss again].
he praised Jiro saying that he’s a professional actor now!
not an idol actor! YES, he’s that good now!

right, i think jing lun is not bad too.
for his first drama.
his character. Yu Yi is super pitiful. >.<
always kena bully by his 4 elder brothers, Qi Cheng Zhuan He.
only tao hua thinks that his existence is not extra.
makes everyone goes awwww…
a black horse in this drama. ๐Ÿ˜€

more details of this show:
CTV web
GTV web

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