depressed and sad and sian and whatnots.


super, duper, uber, very SIAN.
my god. can i give up ??

i was so freaking looking forward to going tiong bahru park with kelis on monday.
coz we dun have WSH tutorial and end a little early.
then fuck it. there’s POL-ITE. !!!!!!
at republic poly some more.
that’s not the worst.
is confirm need to skip class de lor.
i dun want lor!
my GPA is like so shitty liao.
cumulative 3.4 le !!!!
tell me what shit is that.
still ask me freaking skip class. ]:
and when i really wanted to chiong this semester …

think i made the wrong choice to join a sports CCA.
plus we still have that NEA competition.
GV de. okays la, my clique de.

plus tomorrow got training also so last minute.
please la. not everybody so ready anytime also can go training de lo.
i have TWO houses to run every week le!
what you want me to do.
get 2 sets of sticks and shoes ?!
aiya heck le la. whatever.

i PMS-ing now.
so shit you people.

kelis didnt even make me happy.
always have to resort to 100% entertainment.
my ็™พๅˆ†็™พ rocks the most lor!

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