alright! did i say im back from chalet already?

and of course. the midnight movie.
‘sorority row’. its really FTW.
never seen such a movie before. OMG.


chalet was not bad, being with my clique is still the best.
though i always didnt managed to spend the full 3D2N with them.

but the chalet itself is BAD BAD BAD.
small, with nothing.
even the TV is like god darn small. LOL.

not many of us stay overnight.
norman, jon, ernest, me, winn, hui hui, su, boss, yana, willy.
yup, val n timo disappear in the night. yup. 😛

drag kelis with me to meet them.
he went with us to ntuc.
help us carry things! HAHAs!
we peel prawns too!
but he noob, keep saying ‘ouch’.
yana say one! HAHAs! 😀
seee seee seee! not i say nia lo.

and we have like cockroaches during the BBQ.
he hear us say then he jump out. LOLs!
keep telling ppl say got cockraoches dun get so near.
HAHAs! even winn scared but still not like this.
okay la, maybe she sick. LOLs. no energy.

yah. then lee teck chun was there also.
LOLs. so called mark attendance for the 5 buck rebate to us.
then eat a bit jiu go le.

me and winn then went of at 9.30.
took number 5 back. (:

OS: sorry kelis for yesterday, guess im just being picky. really, it’s ok de. [:

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