teo heng ktv

KTV KTV KTV KTV KTV was ultra fun.
thanks clique for the gathering.
i love you guys!
HAHAs! think i hog the mike the most.
sorry folks.
coz i think i know most of the chinese songs that was selected.

i didnt select alot of FAHRENHEIT songs lo!
just momo, ji muo bao zhuo, yue lai yue ai.
HAHAs! ๐Ÿ˜€
sang alot of my favourite songs.
and im surprise willy knows Xiao Gui’s ้ฌผๆ‰“ๅข™.

oh yes, Kelis says …
val sings better then him.
coz she can do ่ฝป้Ÿณ. IDK what’s that eh. ask him. think its like the tone is soft one.
then boss is like me de. must prac more. >.<
willy best song is Jam’s ็Ž‹ๅฆƒ.coz he didnt sing out of tune before.

and my day was utterly ruin by my mum coz she keep calling me back.
then saw that Jasper on bus 851 when i was going back home.
who cares about him man. his group of friends are always loud and obnoxious.
like Jackie, Kevin, Jie Sheng and Kun Xiu all.
i have always ignore them.

now that i have my lovely clique.
im throwing away my primary and secondary life.
they both sucks.
im glad i have Kelis bugis sakae friends with me as well.

cont tmr. ๐Ÿ˜€

yah la.
i guess that’s about it also.

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