HAHAs. forgot to update about my outing with my guides on Sat at plaza singapura.
shall do it now. ๐Ÿ˜€

7 of us went. Sher Ying, Hui Yu, Pei Ling, Lay Fang, Ivy, Audrey.
Lei Ting overseas. and Pei Sze headache.

hmmmmm, let’s see. we ate at KFC.
and a cake for Hui Yu & Sher Ying belated birthday.
its a nice chocolate cake from BreadTalk.

then went to walk around Plaza Sing.
spent many many time at the arcade.
HAHAs. they managed to caught 3 small My Melody.
with the help of an uncle the Lay Fang knows.
damn cool lo. we played basketball and the spot the difference game there.
and observe the uncle playing the UFO machine.

pictures with Sher Ying camera.
so, shall wait till she upload on facebook.

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