bugis outing with clique

group picture !!

okays anyway. beside that depressing post.
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my clique and i went bugis!
yup, it was amazing that we stay there for like 7 hours?!
HEY HEY, its from 1 to 8 okays!
my legs were crying in pain. HAHAs!

randomly walking around.
Iluma, Bugis Junction and Bugis street.

bought Willy’s present.
think he 赚到 lo.
4 shirts and 1 berms. right right?
HAHAHAs. saw many nice things at bugis street.
think gonna grab my mum thr and ask her pay for me.
dun give me the evil look eh.
HAHAHAs! who ask her didnt give me allowances.
since study week till now luh!
she only paid for my haircut last week or so.

ah pictures.
with Winnie and Valerie.
see their facebook eh.
here’s the link, seems like only Val uploaded it.
valerie ones | winnie ones

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