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ah, am glad that my ex maths tuition teacher have confident in my maths.
i told him my EM3B die le. HAHAs!
he say engineering maths similar to A maths, so i shld be ok.
LOLs! think he knows how bloody careless i am. HEH.

yah, anyway. that teacher ar!
one day late in reply my sms.

i sms-ed 5 teachers yesterday to wish them happy teachers’ day.
Mr chia. my physic teacher
Mr edwin T. my eh, relief teacher for eng and geo
Mr aloysius low. my primary school PE teacher.
and Mdm nurlaila. my A & E maths teacher

Mr Chia’s blog is still ever lame.
[can take from my links there]
IDK wad he is talking about in that blog of his.
didnt talk to him on MSN for long already.
oh and yes, i have no idea how my A1 for combine science come about.
i once told him before he cant control a class.
shld have went to be a private tutor better.
but oh well, he’s teaching my bro now. LOL

same with Mr T. IDK why i still keep in contact with him.
after all he’s just a relief teacher.
HAHAs! used to MSN with him too.

and ahh, Mdm Nurlaila. the pizza treats …
a seriously good maths teacher.
something like that old one for EM3B.
thats why i said havent met this kind of teacher for long.
she always treats us good food when we reach a certain goal.

actually, i wanted to wish Ms Cheryl Chee one too.
but scared. >.<
im not on familar terms with her mah.
but she is a seriously good teacher and HOD.
she’s the one that sparks my interest in geography.
thats why i took this route.
environmental and water technology.
haiz, i shld have kept that front page of the geo file.
that recorded the tests results. LOL.
i think it was like failing 3 out of 10. HAHAs!

the good old times.
geo trip to perth …

even though secondary school life isn’t one that i called best,
but it is sure enriching.

too bad that Kit busy with her exams,
Jing Yi have to go see her ITP officer.
if not i think we sure go back queenstown yesterday.


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