maths n aqmc

maths is incredibly horrible.
AQMC is incredibly good.

[click ‘read more’]

of course, both i have questions that IDK how to do …
BUT, maths is seriously sooo pek chek for me.
like what i have tweeted, it was the WORST maths paper i have ever taken.
i mean it. ]:

and AQMC was awesome!
i read through all the question i all can do.
with the exception of some 3 marks questions.
but have to pick 3 out of 5.
first one being the compulsory one.

i read thru 4 and 5.
4 is totally all calculation.
me know that im darn careless, thus dun wanna pick that.
5, i see all need drawings and sketches.
FINE, lazy, dun do. LOL.
then who knows, 6 is like have to draw alot of sketches also.

so is yey. happiness for now.
last second paper already! woots!
must GAMBATTE for WRT.
that is one hell of a paper also.
hopefully can be as confident as today’s paper.

yey. and went to eat fish and co with my dearest Kelis.
LOLs! yah, what a rare chance. :X

gonna go off and slack a while.
till 4.30pm, when my grandma is watching TV.
will chiong ah! for WRT.

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