list of things to do.

hmm. lets see what work are alrdy done.

  • I&E is done.
  • EBT presentation is done.
  • AQMC report done.
  • RMT report done.
  • math CCT result alrdy back.

but we have many many tests coming up sio.

  • RE on wednesday,
  • EBT on thursday,
  • RMT on friday.

[click ‘read more’]

haiz! how to learn sio.
all therory one.
have to massive memorise like geog last time.
never mind1 i can do it de.

let’s see:
RMT can be more slack …
EBT is just all the technical things like the ways on using the technologies …
and RE, most tough on is only the PV sizing. have to read thru and try again.
then, in short, just memorise lor!

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