went NEWater plant today!
skipped lee tech chun class too!
coz ngee ann toop budget to cater transportation for us.
so no choice, we have to pon RE.
lee teck chun – is you wanna blame go blame ngee ann. heh. xD

NEWater very fun.
surprisingly, the one hour tour pass by super fun.
crap anyhow. now the worksheet is filled up. (:
the guides still ask us for our course. HAHAs!
who knows, we might end up working there.
or the new changi water reclaimation plant. (WRT)
took many pictures there too.
katayon still ask us take picture when we are there.
say no photoshop. heh. think she want proof that we really went there.

next up is ice cream chef at siglap.
my god. first time venture in the east area.
all the buses there are like unknown numbers.
then we are like choosing all the funny funny name ice cream.
mixed with funny funny ingredients.
okay la, not that extreme, not that really funny funny ones.
mine is double scoop: mrs smith(apple) and cappuccino.
i mixed my apple one with ko ko crunch.
HAHAs! the taste and texture duper funny.
i like damn guai lan luh! xD

alright, blooger is damn wierd now.
the toolbars above like all gone.
will update with pictures again.

the album from facebook: NEWater && ice cream chef!

will upload in my photobucket again. remind me!

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