winn’s I&E


this post is for saturday winnie I&E things.
update again soon.


me and Willy and Timo went to help out their I&E event at hortpark.
its near Alexander Hospital by the way.
here’s the link:

basically its not bad. the place is great and huge!
as in my station was at the fish tank.
it something like word challeng on face book.
you know that play fish game where u have to search out all the words in a few minutes?
their’s is need 20 points in 10 minutes.
a correct 3 letter word is 2 points.
i think its kinda easy though.
as in every group can get many points.
i didnt mark all. HAHAs! xD

yup, thats about it.
pictures are in facebook.
all taken by Winnie, i think.
here’s the link to the album:

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