HUI square.

today is really like a roller coaster ride.
i cant believe i will cry in school.
i thought that time sec 3 was the first and last.

i thought i was able to endure it, keep it all in.
but still, i cant.

reading HUI HUI blog halfway, the emotions are already stirring inside.
but am proud that still able to endure then.
what make me really tear was when HUI HUI hug me.
i really cant take it when someone hug me when all the emotions are stirring.
i’ll sure to cry. ):

haiz, anyway..
just to say.

im not sure if you handed in the withdrawal form alrdy, but since you already choose this path.
must hang on. we WILL attend your grad 3 years from now.
dun ever regret the path you choose. (:
darn, i sound like nagging.
anyway, do update ur blog always.
that is like the only way we can be updated with your life.

** damn, IDK what im writing anyway …

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