bomb bomb bomb

alrights, i think i should update my blog.
since the last proper update was on saturday.
how long ago is that?
HAHAs! its already wednesday now.
and its raining at my side here …

going for QUEST guides campfire tonight.
hopefully this rain will stop.
since im living near school …
HAHAs! come to think of it, rain is good.
helps to tighten the gateway better.
coz water help to tighten the ropes. xD
still remember the time me and other stay back till 9 plus the night before the campfire to build the gateway.
thankfully the scouts help us too.
if not i think ours really cannot make it.

i wanna get really really high for the campfire.
best is high till no energy to go for tomorrow floorball training
HAHAs! yes, im that bad after all …

awwwww man, four hours more till my audition download to be complete.
think im going to on it when i go off later.

byeeeee people.
better go and do my MOL now.
if not school reopen have to concentrate on all the projects which i didnt really listen in class on how to do it.
oops :X

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