cast of mo mo love

i have nothing to do thus i shall post the cast list for Mo Mo Love / 桃花小妹 [sort of something that i can reference to in future.]
credits to Flamengo @ AF

Cast of Momo Love
(characters in the drama in red, characters in manga in blue)

史朗 Shi Lang
岡村史朗 Okamura Shiro
student, good at aikido
汪東城 Jiro Wang Dong Cheng
1981.8.24 182cm

薜志強 Bi Zhi Qiang
captain of the judo club
山野岳 Yamano Gaku/Shan Ye Yue (if you read as Chinese)
student, captain of the aikido club
辰亦儒 Calvin Chen Yi Ru
1980.11.10 186cm

陳桃花 Chen Tao Hua
大二 year 2 of uni/sophomore
田中桃花 Tanaka Momoka/Tian Zhong Tao Hua
student, good at Japanese harp ‘koto’ and aikido. She is stronger in aikido than her brother Yoichi.
王心凌 Cyndi Wang Xin Ling
1982.9.5 158cm

5th bro 陳餘一 Chen Yu Yi
田中余一 Tanaka Yoichi (student)
黃靖倫 Huang Jing Lun (Hayden Jing Wong)
1983.7.23 173cm

4th 陳合 Chen He
田中結 Tanaka Musubu (student, cooking instructor later)
3rd bro Ten and 4th bro Musubu are twins.
高以翔 Godfrey Gao Yi Xiang
1984.9.22 195cm

3rd 陳轉 Chen Zhuan
田中転 Tanaka Ten (student, math teacher later)
丁春誠 Sphinx Ding Chun Cheng
1985.11.21 190cm

2nd 陳承 Chen Cheng
田中承 Tanaka Sho (designer)
藍鈞天 Gabe/Gaby Lan Jun Tian
????.02.19 180cm

Biggest bro 陳起 Chen Qi
田中起 Tanaka Hajime (newscaster)
朱孝天 Ken Zhu Xiao Tian
1979.1.15 180cm

吳建豪 Vanness Wu Jian Hao
1978.8.7 180cm

Other characters in manga:
緋宮完子 Hinomiya Kanko (Shiro’s aunt)
園川通子 Sonokawa Michiko/Tong Zi (self-claimed Shiro’s fiancee)

4 big brothers’ names are from the expression 起承転結(Japanese)/起承轉合(Chinese). It means the development of an incident: introduction, development, turn, conclusion. After 4 boys, Tanaka family wanted a girl but another boy was born and named Yoichi, means ‘remainder 1’. Next year a girl was born on the day of girl’s festival, or peach blossom festival, and named Momoka/Tao Hua, means ‘peach flower’.

Tanaka brothers’ parents stay abroad and not living with their children in the story.

anyways, heard that Jiro’s attending Judo lesson now for this.
and that Fahrenheit singing the theme song.
&& Cyndi going to sing the ending song.
&&& Jing Lun singing the sub theme song.

i want an OST for this wor.
hope they can release one. xD

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