Poh Ern Shih

oh yea, i remembered i was told by Willy that my blog post is so short that he read it finish in less than 3o seconds.
LOLs !!

anyways, have to update about today trip to Singapore one and only (i believed) green temple.
its at pasir panjang. which is actually kinda near to VivoCity. xD

*click on the banner to link to the web page. (:

it is a eyeopener, really.
imagine a temple uses renewable energy. in SINGAPORE!

the owner, Mr Lee talked about the history behind the temple too.
its all in the webpage as well.
the temple was built for the malaya boys who died when fighting against the Japaneses during World War II.

so many freaking PV panels there.
it seriously save a lot of electricity for him.
9000 plus kilowatts for the whole year.
i think these data are available on the web as well.

if you people are rich, you can install a Grid Type system in your condos and private housing.
grid type ones are those that supply energy to you when needed.
when not needed, it supply back to the Singapore Power.
so, yup. there are times when you dun have to pay for your bills, the government might have to pay you too.
or at the very most, you just pay a little. xD
that’s the case for this temple anyway.

its a really really modern temple.
the place is huge. they do store their rain water too.
their meditation room is super COOL too.
just a small wooden platform, there’s space for table, chair, working station and of course to sleep.
the prayer hall for the Buddhist people is huge too.
esp love the design.
wind flow around naturally. there is no need for air condition you know.

ah yes, ant their cats are really really tame.
super duper cute. i think there’s 9. but we saw 2 only.

&&& i think this is a really really long post of mine. xD

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